Why use Dinkum Deal?

Why use Dinkum Deal?

Dinkum Deal Pty Ltd and its partners have an extensive history working in the automotive industry. Today it is easier than ever to see how technology & software is evolving to make our lives more efficient & save us time & money. If you look at companies such as Uber & Airbnb they have simplified our lives by offering their software as a service. We at Dinkum Deal looked at changes occurring in the automotive sector, particularly negatively effecting Australia's franchise dealers and came up with an amicable solution software, to best suit these dealers and provide you the public with a better service.

Benefits to the Public

  1. Easy to use and access through our Website and free Smart phone apps.
  2. Doesn't cost you a cent to use our technology / software / apps.
  3. Get the best drive away price on your new car within your location.
  4. We pay you *$100.00 for using & completing the Dinkum Deal solution.
  5. Save time & the hassle of negotiating from dealer to dealer.
  6. Get the best quote & in the quickest time frame.


Benefits to the Dealer

  1. Our software offers FREE qualified new car leads to dealers.
  2. We don’t take away the dealer's secondary opportunities such as offering finance, insurance, accessories & warranties.
  3. We are considerably cheaper than other lead generators.
  4. We pay their customers to use our mutually beneficial software.
  5. We make the whole process quicker & more streamlined for EVERYONE.
  6. Dealers only pay if a deal is concluded.