How it works

How it works

Step 1

Client requests a new car quote from the Website or Smart phone app.

Step 2

Registered dealers receive the anonymous data & only enter their best drive away price.

Step 3

Client receives an email & notification of the best quoted price & dealer's details.

Step 4

Only the winning dealer receives the client's information to set up an appointment.

How it works

Dinkum Deal has a large network of automotive vehicle dealerships across multiple brands, nationwide. This network continues to grow as new dealerships sign up. When a client requests a new vehicle quote from our Website or Smart phone apps, our software sends this anonymous data to the dealerships that match the client’s criteria such as, make, model and location.

These dealerships can either manually reply to the quote request with their best drive away price (takes them under 60 seconds) or they may have set up an automatic quote template for that make and model, in which case our software instantly submits this price.

The client receives the best drive away price and the dealership's details. Only the dealership with the best drive away price will receive the client’s details to call and arrange the next steps.

From the time a client submits a quote, to receiving the best drive away price, currently takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours. Dinkum Deal aims to keep improving on this, with our short-term goal of narrowing the process to under 5 minutes with our unique software.