Buying a new car in Australia

We all want the best price on a new car, fortunately with the internet today it certainly has helped us get through the clutter in our steps taken in finding our new car. In general, once we have identified the right new car we are after, we will then get a benchmark price online which is accessible from multiple platforms. We then tend to drive to our closest dealership and start the buying and negotiation process, which can be time consuming when buy a new car.

Once we have our online price measured against the dealerships offer, we may accept there and then or call another dealership to see if we have in fact received a great drive away price on our new car. Car dealerships today in general make minimal margin on the actual new car, however they offer a full turn-key solution to clients as a service but also receive the much needed secondary profits outside the new car, items such as finance, insurance and aftermarket accessories which are vital to help keep dealerships operational and employing our Australian brothers and sisters.

By using a private broker to buy a new car, it unfortunately leaves the dealership with the bare bones of the sale andoften leaves them with just delivering the car. There are however other online platforms that bridge the gap between the consumer getting the best drive away price on a new car, without the need to haggle or negotiate from dealer to dealer.

As well as for the dealers, they are still able to provide the consumer with a full solution. With the pricing and negotiating removed out the equation for the dealer and customer for the new car. In conclusion, use online technology to help get the best price, but think about who you use, as we want to keep new car dealerships running and help support our Australian economy and workforce.

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